It is universally recognized in the automotive industry that profit is difficult to come by strictly from manufacturing vehicles. The margins are razor thin at best, and many vehicles are sold at pennies over cost. So how can significant profit be achieved when it is essentially eliminated by selling only the ‘hardware’ vehicle on a one-off basis?

A HUGE profit opportunity - in our view representing billions and billions of bottom-line profit - presents itself from the sale of autonomous driving software/AI packages. For instance, a software/AI package can be embedded into the vehicle to be sold, and the good news is that this software/AI package has a very substantial profit margin of thousands of dollars. Equally as lucrative - and quite likely even more so - is that gigantic ongoing profit opportunities come from periodic upgrades and quality enhancements to the original software/AI package. These packages could be sold at regular intervals, such as 2-4 years. This creates a repetitive, ongoing source of income long after the ‘hardware’ vehicle has been sold, and even many years later.

Consider all the versions of Microsoft operating systems that have been purchased by willing consumers over the years, each version more advanced than its predecessor. We anticipate that this business model of continuous periodic upgrades can readily be replicated in the automotive industry, creating almost unbelievable value for automotive manufacturers and companies which wholeheartedly embrace the extremely profitable software-driven future.

The Autonomous Roadway Intelligence LLC patent portfolio enters into this equation by providing proprietary collision avoidance/harm minimization strategies which first and foremost are designed to save lives tragically wasted on roadways. With the accelerated implementation of hands-free driving features across multiple vehicle platforms, ARI’s lightning-fast autonomous decision making strategies can be employed to significantly reduce the number of accidents related to distracted or inattentive drivers. However, ARI is not a software company, but an innovation think tank.

When ARI patents are purchased by a committed software company, that company has ownership of the patented autonomous ARI strategies and can then sell its own proprietary software incorporating these patented autonomous strategies to a chip manufacturer. Alternatively, the software company can make its own computer chip. This chip containing the software can then be sold as a package to automotive manufacturers. Alternatively yet again, the automotive manufacturer can purchase the ARI patents and can make, or have made, the chip incorporating the software.

Thus, ARI patents are envisioned to enable the software company and the chip manufacturer to generate large profits, and, in turn, enable the automotive manufacturer also to generate large profits. These bottom-line profits are estimated to be billions and billions of dollars per year. And this profit is independent of the original sale of the ‘hardware’ vehicle.

Vitally important to all parties in the above scenarios - and especially critical to the general driving public, which includes you and me and our families – we anticipate that many thousands of lives can be saved EVERY YEAR by the commercial implementation of the ARI patent portfolio.

We at Autonomous Roadway Intelligence LLC have our hats off in recognition of the numerous safety features being constantly incorporated in vehicles by serious automotive manufacturers and software companies. We look very much forward to the privilege of working collaboratively with safety-focused companies which purchase or license our ARI patent portfolio.



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ARI's intellectual property can save lives otherwise tragically wasted on roadways throughout the world. We offer our expanding autonomous safety patent portfolio to serious automotive developers and/or manufacturers who share our deep commitment to roadway safety. The heartache associated with the death of a child, a loved one, or a friend is eliminated when people arrive safely at their destination.

1.35 Million Deaths Occur Every Year:
Even one death is one death too many.
Together, let's save lives!


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ARI Patents can save lives.
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